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Pasta ala Carbonara

This Pasta ala Carbonara recipe has no cream in it and we will do it a bit differently using only the egg yolks. That way the dish won't get dry and cream is less necessary.

2 servings


0.7 lbs bacon
A dash of wine or alcoholic wine for cooking (preferably white but red works as well)
3 egg yolks
Black pepper


Chop onion and cut the bacon with a pair of scissors directly into a frying pan. You will not need any butter or oil since the bacon is fat enough to lubricate the pan. After a while, add the wine and let the bacon absorb it.

In the meantime, make an egg mixture by separating the eggs, using only the yolks. Put them in a bowl and add salt, oregano and black pepper. Then put together bacon, onion and egg mixture and pasta (preferably spaghetti but any pasta will do). Bring some black pepper to the table in case someone wants more. Serve with chunks of parmesan cheese.